Welcome to the family!!

You are already welcome!  As a matter of fact, you are an answer to our prayers.  You should know that we have a very relaxed atmosphere where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is everythng!

  • What is it like?  At the present, we have a very small building.  However, we have 4 acres to expand.  Our goal is to do just that in the near future.
  • What about my kids?  Because of the size of our physical building, we do not have a designated children's church.  However, each Wednesday evening is Youth Night.  VT puts a high priority on our youth.  We believe in their future and  joyfully invest in them now.
  • Where do I park?  Anywhere you want to!  We have lots of room to park (although it is not paved).  We are handicap accessible.  If you need any assistance, we've got you!
  • What do I wear?  At VT we invite you to come as you are! There are no formal dress codes required to attend. Many church family members come in casual, smart-casual attire- whatever you’re most comfortable with!  We are more interested in YOU than in what you wear.
  • How can I get connected?  The easiest way -- just show up!